• high-calorie
  • sugar-free
  • with vegetable protein; vitamins & minerals
  • with MCT & Omega-3, Tocotrienols, Vitamin D3 + K2, Lactate
  • free from milk, lactose, soya, eggs and gluten
Therapy Support - Keto-Drink

Therapy Support

Keto-Drink is a metabolic-based therapeutic approach that draws on changes in the cancer cell and has been developed to support classical standard therapies.

Selected Ingredients - Keto-Drink

Selected Ingredients

Keto-Drink contains selected ingredients basing on a formulation, which provides the body with sufficient energy and all necessary nutrients as well as therapeutically valuable plant compounds.

Simple Application of Keto-Drinks

Simple Application

Thanks to a simple dosage schedule, Keto-Drink is easy to use and thus enables an uncomplicated and safe switch-over of the body to a ketogenic metabolic state (ketosis).

Keto-Drink is available in
two variations

Neutral Taste

Keto-Drink Neutral Taste
  • high-calorie
    (500 kcal per drink)
  • only 4 g carbohydrates per drink
  • 18.5 g protein per drink
  • free from soya, lactose, milk, eggs and gluten
  • purely vegetable
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Banana Flavour

Keto-Drink Banana Flavour
  • high-calorie
    (413 kcal per drink)
  • only 3.5 g carbohydrates per drink
  • 16.8 g protein per drink
  • free from soya, lactose, milk, eggs and gluten
  • purely vegetable
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How can I
get Keto-Drink?

Order conveniently online at TAVARLINShop.

Keto-Drink Neutral Taste is available as

  • single pack: 1 Keto-Drink (1x 250 ml)
  • complete package: 15 Keto-Drinks (15x 250 ml)
Keto-Drink Banana Flavour is available as

  • single pack: 1 Keto-Drink (1x 250 ml)
  • complete package: 18 Keto-Drinks (18x 250 ml)


Keto-Drink can be

German statutory health insurance bear the cost of Keto-Drink in the case of a diagnosed malnutrition. Reimbursement in other countries: please inform yourself at your local health insurance.

What are the diagnostic criteria for malnutrition?

  • Your body mass index (BMI) is below 18.5 kg/m2
  • You have lost 10% or more of your body weight in the last 6 months (e.g. 7 kg at 70 kg)
  • You have lost 5% or more of your body weight in the last 3 months (e.g. 3.5 kg at 70 kg)

If Keto-Drink has been prescribed by the physician, the prescription can be redeemed at any local or online pharmacy in Germany. If your local pharmacy does not have Keto-Drink in stock, they can order it using the following PZN (pharmaceutical central number):

Keto-Drink Neutral Taste in your pharmacy

  • single pack: PZN-10753628
  • complete package: PZN-10753611
Keto-Drink Banana Flavour in your pharmacy

  • single pack: PZN-12476972
  • complete package: PZN-12476989
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Ketogenic Diet
– Supporting diet for Cancer

The ketogenic diet is a dietetically treatment approach to support conventional cancer therapies. The special feature of this nutritional therapy is that it aims specifically to metabolic changes of cancer cells and exploits ‘weaknesses’ of these metabolic specifics.

The Basics

  • It’s high in fat, has a moderate protein content and is very low carb.
  • It’s energy-rich due to high-quality fat sources.
  • It’s focused on foods with a high nutrient density.

The Aims

  • Optimal supply of energy, protein, micronutrients and bioactive plant compounds.
  • Reducing side effects and strengthening the general condition.
  • Supporting the therapy success.
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